Surfer Beanie Hats

Beanie hats are a practical choice but also a style statement that we know you love. Our collection of excellent surfer beanies features great brands in a range of styles from bobble beanies to reversible and even fur lined. Had you ever wondered where the name beanie came from?

The precise origins of the name are actually unclear but there have been several suggestions as to why these knitted hats are called beanies. The name could have evolved from early styles which featured a cloth covered button on the crown which was the size of a bean.

Some researchers have claimed that the term is more likely to have been derived from a type of head wear worn in some medieval universities. These were known as "bejaunus" meaning yellowbill and their name later became "beanus". It was a term which referred to both the hats and the new students who wore them.

The name beanie could also have been the result of the slang term "bean" meaning head. Whatever the truth, it is hard to imagine life without these funky accessories. We have chosen a great range of surfer beanies for you from the cool Animal, Etnies, Hurley and Rutsy collections.

Our beanies are available in an appealing variety of colours and patterns and so there is sure to be a style to complement your look. Some of our hats feature bobbles for extra fun and there are beanies with peaks and fur linings for you to choose from.

No outdoor wardrobe is complete without a cool beanie hat and we are confident that you will find the perfect surfer style beanie for your look in our fine range here at Porthcawl Marine.

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