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Surfworx specialise in high quality foam surfboards that are designed to ease the process of learning to surf.

The Surfworx surfboard range covers all styles of surfboard form shorter ‘Beater’ style boards to mini mals and longboards. There is a board in the Surfworx range for every level, size and style of surfer.

The soft surfboard range breaks down into different areas with different levels of technical specification. Softboards or foamies as they are often called are the perfect board to learn to surf on, they’ll take you through the basic stages of paddling, catching waves, popping to your feet and also getting basic turns sorted out. Foamie surfboards are perfect for adults and children, the soft deck reduces the chances of hurting yourself and so helps to build water confidence in all age groups. If you are thinking about buying your first board the Surfworx range is an ideal choice.

The Surfworx Base range is the entry level board, perfect for those having their first go at surfing but don’t want to break the bank.

The Hellcat range steps on a little in the quality of the boards incorporating a double stringer.

The Banshee range is a another step forward with the available boards including fins and a quality leash as well as being double stringered.

The Ribeye range is top of the tree, in line with the highest quality foam surfboards out there, double resin dipped stringers, FCS compatible fin boxes and a bullet proof construction.

The Surfworx surfboard range is all about putting a smile on your face, after a summer of playing around with the whole range of boards it seems to have worked, we’re all smiling!

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