BODY GLOVE MENS PRIME 3/2: Black/Grey: Medium Large

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The Prime is a high-performance, super stretchy wetsuit with all the bells and whistles of wetsuits . If one element sets it apart from the other wetsuits of today, it would have to be the neoprene Body Glove chose for The Prime.

Each year wetsuit companies find lighter, stretchier, warmer neoprene and give it some cool name In Body Glove’s case with The Prime, that rubber is Pyrostretch which feels softer, holds more heat and holds less water. There is truth in these claims. When picking up the 3/2 fullsuit it feels much lighter when both dry out of the box and when freshly wet from a surf and rinse.

Body Glove has gone beyond relying solely on the material for stretch function but touts a “performance material combination” combining the benefits of material and construction to keep things loose and flexible. Body Glove nailed it. The suit is one of the stretchyist most comfortable suits . The neoprene feels soft and pliable while water absorption is minimal.

The Body Glove team includes: Mike Losness, Alex Gray, Nate Yeomans, Gabe Kling,

Cheyne Magnusson, Anthony Walsh, Matt Pagan and Jamie O'Brien


Pyrostretch is composite material lining the Prime from the chest down. In all, it covers 75% of the wetsuit. Pyrostretch feels a bit more ‘wooly’ than regular neoprene, and the idea is that it traps a little more air between surfer and wetsuit. This is the current trend for wetsuits and it’s a good one, as this material keeps you very warm.

Glideskin neck lining

Put there for comfort, it creates a good seal as the suit never flushes with water during surfing

Vapourlock seams ‘Fluidseal’.

This type of seam does a great job of keeping all water ingress through the seams which makes for extra strong seams and a warmer wetsuit

External Liquid Tape Fluidseal seams cover ALL external seams on this wetuit. For most wetsuits these days seams appear to be the weak link in overall stretch, as the rubber used on the seams never has as much give as the neoprene on the rest of the suit. With the Prime, Body Glove has designed the liquid seal to work with their special foams and laminates. It must be working because water leakage through the suit is unnoticeable.

Nano Tri-tech kneepads

These knee pads are: super strong with increased flexibility and ‘nearly bulletproof’.

Double lock S-Seal wrist and ankles

The Prime has a snug and secure wrist & ankle seal that, again, allowed little to no flushing during surfing..

EZ-Entry and Enhanced Top Entry Design

The Prime uses a 15% shorter zipper and places it lower than other wetsuits. The top entry is designed to eliminate the two layers of neoprene over the right shoulder. The result is that you do feel increased range of motion.

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