Code: AA0827


A brightly coloured inflatable dry bag with leash and waist strap. Ideal for storing kit whilst you swim, and provides amazing extra visibility for the swimmer in the water. Even on a choppy day other boat users, swimmers, and friends on the shore have a much better chance of seeing you easily. If you get tired you can turn around and hold onto the Chillswim dry-bag, as it can easilly support the weight of an adult.

The dry bag has dual air bags, which are inflated after you have filled the bag with your gear. The inflation chambers are separate from the storage area, so this provides more buoyancy than just a normal dry bag. Unless you put in heavy walking boats, you won't feel much, if any, drag with the Chillswim dry-bag.

The adjustable dual belt design clips securely around the swimmer's waist and the leash ensures that the product remains out of stroke range whilst swimming, although you will notice it on a really windy day (there is only so much we can do!).

The Large (35L) bag is popular for people who might need to carry all their kit when going for a swim or instructors who want to be even easier to spot by thier group. You can fit in a robe, flip flops, and a warm top inside a large bag. Internal dimensions: W 37cm, L 50cm. Or you can keep it empty and just use it as a high visibility float.

Highly recommended for open water swimmers in all outdoor conditions.

Also available are:

The Chillswim Donut - ideal for car keys, camera and valuables.

Chillswim Tow-float - just for high visibility out on the water; also great for groups, taking kids swimming, or event companies.

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