Womens Summer Wetsuits

Explore our selection of womens summer wetsuits from popular brands including Animal, Roxy and O'Neill to find the right style and size to suit you. Our range includes full length summer wetsuits in 3/2mm thickness to help keep your body protected and at the right temperature while in the water.

Summer often means better (and hopefully warmer) weather and you may feel like you do not need a wetsuit while in the water at this time of year. However the longer you are in the water the more likely your body temperature is to start dropping, especially in the UK waters, so having a womens summer wetsuit will help to maintain your body temperature for longer will give you more time to keep on boarding.

Where you see the 3/2mm wetsuits, this is referring to the thickness of the neoprene on the torso and the limbs. Normally the torso area has a slightly thicker material for your core body area and the limbs are slightly thinner for more flexibility and movement. Other key features found in the ladies summer wetsuits includes 4 way stretch for improved comfort, knee pads for extra protection, glued and blind stitched seams to prevent water penetration and wind resistant panels.

Summer wetsuits are designed for use in the warmer summer months and will be 3/2mm thick available in full or short length. Winter wetsuits are full length styles with thicker neoprene. With ladies winter wetsuits the Neoprene will be 4mm or 5mm around the torso but thinner around the limbs to provide the freedom of movement that you need. If you are in the water throughout the year or are active in different climates then you should probably invest in more than one wetsuit. This won’t cost you much more in the end because you will wear each suit less frequently so you will need to replace them less often. Even if you only go in our British waters in the summer months, the water can be much colder early in the season when it hasn't had time to warm up. You will quickly feel cold in a summer suit if the water is chilly or the wind is blowing.

Not only do these women's summer wetsuits give you warmth and protection, they also come in a variety of styles and colours. Choose from funky graphics and bright colours such as bold yellow and deep purple panels to sleek blacks. If you can't decide which summer wetsuit is for you, feel free to contact our helpful team and look through our guide to buying a wetsuit.