Men's Summer Wetsuits

Experienced surfers and water sports enthusiasts will probably know exactly what type of mens summer wetsuit they prefer or need. However, if you are new to surfing then the world of wetsuits might seem a little confusing! It is very important that you find the right wetsuit for your needs and our range of summer wetsuits for men will help you get started.

Wetsuits are fashioned from a technical fabric called neoprene and this effectively insulates your body from the cooling effects of water, cold air temperatures and wind chill. Neoprene contains thousands of nitrogen bubbles which conduct heat slowly and so help to maintain your body’s temperature. The suits ensure that the layer of water close to your skin remains warm but it is essential that the suit fits correctly as this warm layer will soon be flushed away if the suit is too large. A men's summer wetsuit which is too small will be uncomfortable and will restrict your movements in the water.

The thicker the neoprene, the more insulating the wetsuit will be, but thicker suits are also less flexible. Our men's summer wetsuits feature 3mm neoprene around the torso and 2mm neoprene for the extremities. The thicker neoprene insulates your vital organs whilst the thinner neoprene affords greater movement where you need it. Summer wetsuits are designed for the summer months and warmer waters so if you are active all year round you may also need a more insulating Winter suit. This would represent a good investment as when you own two suits you will wear each suit less often and so it will serve you for longer. Two suits, therefore, will cost no more than one in the long run.

Our men's summer wetsuits have been chosen from Alder, Animal, Body Glove, O’Neill, Sola, Quicksilver, Swarm and Typhoon collections. The suits are available in a wide variety of sizes and so there is sure to be a style which complements your physique and which suits your budget and your personal style. If you have any questions about our wetsuits then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. They will always be delighted to help you make the right choice.