Men's Winter Wetsuits

We offer a great selection of men's winter wetsuits, which are perfect for cold waters. From brands including O'Neill, Alder, Typhoon, Hurley and more. The men's winter wetsuit range has some great choices for keeping you warm this season but also look the part too.

If you are new to surfing or other activities which require you to wear a wetsuit then you are probably concerned about making a good choice. You may also be wrestling with wetsuit terminology! It is crucial to choose the right wetsuit, so should you go for a Winter wetsuit, a Summer wetsuit or both?

Wetsuits are generally fashioned from foamed neoprene. The neoprene insulates your body from the cold water and so the thicker the neoprene, the greater the level of insulation. In other words, the colder the water is likely to be the thicker the wetsuit you need. The wetsuit also traps a layer of water between your skin and the neoprene. Your body heats up this layer which keeps you warm but it is important to choose a wetsuit which fits well as that warm water will quickly be flushed out if the suit is too large.

Unsurprisingly Summer wetsuits are designed for use in the Summer months or for use where the water temperatures are warmer. Winter wetsuits are full length styles with thicker neoprene to insulate your body against colder water and cooler air temperatures. With Winter wetsuits the neoprene will be 4mm or 5mm around the torso to protect your vital organs but a little thinner around the limbs to afford greater freedom of movement where you need it.

So the wetsuit or wetsuits that you need will depend on the air temperature, the temperature of the water and the wind chill factor. You may well need more than one suit if you intend to get active throughout the year or in different locations. You will soon become cold in a wetsuit that is too thin for the conditions. Novice surfers are often caught out by what looks like a pleasant day in early Summer when the water hasn’t yet warmed up. On the other hand you will feel hot in a Winter wetsuit if the water is warm.

Hopefully you are now a little clearer about what you need! Investing in more than one wetsuit for different conditions won’t cost much more in the long run as you will wear each suit less and therefore won’t have to replace it so often. If you only buy one wetsuit then a 5mm style is probably the safest choice. Right here you will find the excellent range of winter wetsuits for men that we offer here at Porthcawl Marine. We have chosen the finest styles from the highly regarded Alder, Sola, Typhoon, O’Neil, Hurley and Body Glove ranges. You can be assured of the finest quality with these fabulous winter wetsuits that will certainly serve you well.

If you have any questions about our men’s winter wetsuits then please contact our friendly team who will always be happy to help you make the right decision.

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