Kids Summer Wetsuits

Discover our range of kids summer wetsuits from brands including O'Neill, Alder, Sola, Swarm and more. Junior size wetsuits are suitable for the warmer waters with thickness options ranging between 4mm and 2mm. Great for kids that love water sports, are attending a surf school or love to spend a lot of time in the waves. It is worthwhile making sure they are protected and our range of childrens summer wetsuits are a great place to start!


Although it is warmer in the Summer months here in the UK, often the sea can still be on the cooler side depending on where you are in the country. The average Summer sea temperatures for the UK are around 15 - 20 degrees and the longer you spend in the water the more likely it is that you body temperature will get lower. If your children are spending a long time in the water or taking part in water sports, then the wetsuit not only helps to keep them warm but also will protect their skin from the sun and help prevent abrasion from boards or rocks.

The kids will also love the bold designs and sharp colours on these Summer wetsuits. Choose from bright blue, striking reds and cool yellow wetsuits from some fantastic brands. Our range features front zip or back zip options as well as a variety of specifications to ensure comfort and functionality. When you see 3/2mm this is the thickness, the torso of the wetsuit is normally the thicker 3mm and the legs and arms are 2mm.

Children grow quickly and it may be difficult to decide what size kids Summer suit to buy for them. However it is important to get a good fit with a wetsuit,  if it's too small it may rub or restrict movement and if it's too large it won't keep them warm. Check the key areas such as the chest and the waist to see if the wetsuit is very baggy or not. You can also measure the child's chest, waist and height and match these up to the size charts for each wetsuit. If in any doubt please feel free to contact our team and they will be happy to help with your questions.